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John Calkins

Companies now are using the virtual reality shopping experience to learn more about how the brain makes its decisions. I have a company http://hotcookies.net , which is a cross between a marketing direct mail company and a cookie product.

I introduced the cookie product in a catering company in 2001. It is amazing how the aroma of the product influence the sale of the product. The cookie is made from real butter, vanilla and all top quality products. When studying aroma therapy the brain reaction to aroma from animal and natural product have an incredible difference influencing the brain then imitation products.

Starbucks is a brand that uses aroma therapy to excel over their competition. The cookie is very expensive to produce and needs a superior price point. I have designed a prototype automated oven and individual baking pans that will allow aroma to fill the space. The oven is on hold awaiting income to produce. Until then http://hotcookies is focusing on direct mail.

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